Provision One Thousand

After twenty hours of reading, no sleep and sixteen cups of coffee, I’m finally up to the final provision. If I agree to this last one, the Window Replacement Wizard will help me get my real body back, so that I can return to my life as a marine welder. I’m so close, and that …

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Zach Jordan’s Plan

“Nine thousand dollars?” Bandit said, bolting upright. “What if I could give you more than that to release us?” The Glass Smashing Bandit and I, Space Wizard, were in a bit of a sticky situation. We had been captured by the Church of the Tinted Flock, led by the famous Zach Jordan. They planned to …

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Window Week Squeak

Is it just me, or is The Great Australian Trade-Off the BEST SHOW EVER. No, it’s not just me. Apart from a few naysayers who we don’t really listen to anyway, this is the best season yet, out of a whole two seasons. That said, there have only been three episodes, so maybe I shouldn’t …

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