Window Week Squeak

Is it just me, or is The Great Australian Trade-Off the BEST SHOW EVER. No, it’s not just me. Apart from a few naysayers who we don’t really listen to anyway, this is the best season yet, out of a whole two seasons. That said, there have only been three episodes, so maybe I shouldn’t be making pronouncements.

Still, I’m consistently surprised. This week’s episode was all based around window replacement, and I saw the description with a pang of trepidation. Window replacement? Were they going to drag that out over three challenges? And then it turned out to be one of the best episodes yet as they travel around Melbourne. Sash window replacement are much more interesting than I thought was possible! Having to get all the materials while industry experts give them cryptic advice, was pretty fun to watch. Sash windows are really quite nice when they’re all installed. Might think about getting some for the house. But even more compelling was the dynamic of the teams. Putting Ramon with Darla was a stroke of genius, because Darla has an aggressive style of DIY that leads her to take on the toughest of challenges with gusto while Ramon needs to come out of his shell a bit more, but is much more careful and methodical. They got to the point where they wouldn’t have had any more materials for the aluminium window task, had Ramon not been keeping careful notes, but they were only ahead of the other teams because Darla is such a go-getter. I loved watching the team dynamic. And Lucius with Irene? I think after tonight’s episode, everyone is going to be wanting that pair of firecrackers to couple up. “I’m the one with the aluminium door replacement experience, so you just sit there and comb your hair or something.”

And then they made up by the episode’s explosive finale. How could you not see that this is the best thing on TV?