Hello Car, What Are Your Thoughts on Politics?

So now I can link my smartphone to my car and talk to it at any time, which I think is as close than humanity has ever gotten to a car that you can talk to. I keep saying, I really do, that it’s going to be the next big ‘thing’. All those commutes, all those long car journeys across bland landscapes (especially here in Australia), they can only be improved by adding the function to your vehicle that lets it have a conversation.

And there are practical aspects as well, like auto repairs. I don’t usually live in Melbourne but I was in there seeing a client and I noticed a rattling sound. The lady I was with said there was a reliable mechanic near Bentleigh that she uses all the time, gave me the address and off I went. And of course, I couldn’t describe to the mechanic (or any mechanic) what the problem was, so some sort of self-diagnosis would be really helpful. It would make auto repairs a lot easier as well.

I’m just saying, I travel a LOT, and I spend a lot of time in the car. Having the ability to hold a conversation with anyone would be better than nothing, even if it’s a strange computer conversation where it can’t remember anything we’ve just said and it changes the subject when it wants to. The technology will improve with time, I’m sure, until eventually we’re rolling around in talk-boxes and we can have chats with passengers. The car will contribute to discussions on politics and hot-button issues, and whenever you go to a mechanic it can describe its aches and pains. The vehicle will know all the best places to get the best car servicing in BentleighThey’ll say ‘there’s a car doctor around the corner in Bentleigh’. Or the car will simply go there by itself.

That part is incidental, though. I just want some company on my long drives through the country roads.