What is Zine Shop?

Zine Shop is a mobile zine trader, stocking limited edition literature, artwork and collectibles of the DIY persuasion. So, yes, we flog zines – see a sampling of our current stock here. We also get up to a whole lot of inconsequential adventures and mishaps, which we record here on our blog (because we don’t have time to create a print zine of our own). 

Where is Zine Shop?

Nestled within the curvaceous chrome walls of Wanda the 1960s Airstream trailer, Zine Shop is always on the move. While we do tend to call the Gold Coast home, you’ll find us at markets, fairs and festivals nationally.

Who is Zine Shop?

We are Allie and Tarin, a pair of barefoot investors who spend their lives carefully (or perhaps carelessly) toeing the line between punk and prestige. Our manager is Aaron, a 3 year-old German Shepherd. You’ll meet him at some point. 

Why zines?

A good zine is more than just a zippy read, some cool artwork and a side helping of street cred. It’s an insight into the inner workings of its author’s mind, a cross-section of their experience. There’s something about the medium that invites self-reflection through another pair of eyes – not those of an idol, a guide or an authority figure, but simply someone on par with yourself.