My Wallpaper Rules

It’s weird to own a house. I mean, not just on the level of being able to have your avocado toast and eat it too. It’s also weird because there’s no real estate agent breathing down your neck, waiting to raise the rent at the drop of hat (instead, there’s the bank waiting to raise the interest on your mortgage, but that’s another story). Point is, you have free reign on house modifications and decor that goes beyond tacking up a solar system poster you found in your neighbour’s hard rubbish.

This is bouncing around in my brain right now because I’m thinking of going on a DIY binge and, in particular, getting amongst the whole self adhesive removable wallpaper trend. All I need to do is decide which whimsical path to go down. Do I go for a trompe l’oeil texture, like exposed brick? Or a tongue-in-cheek print? Perhaps a tranquil forest vista is the way to go.

Some of the companies that make the stuff even have a ‘design your own’ tool where you can upload anything you want for custom digital printing. At first I was picturing my sun-room decked out with photo-realistic cactus wallpaper (to complement my growing family of succulent babies), but now I’m thinking I could upload one of Tony’s photos from our trip to Peru last year.

Graffiti wall decals are, it would seem, a bit of a thing, and I had half a mind to go in that direction originally. Jenny talked me out of it, pointing out that if I wanted an aerosol mural, I could just get her over to do a real one. See, this is exactly what I mean when I say that owning a house is weird – it gives you leave to seriously contemplate having your mate over to graffiti your wall.

I suppose the key thing to keep in mind is that, even though the wall covering materials I’m looking at are removable, they’re a bit of an investment. So I intend to choose a design that isn’t too gimmicky.