Zach Jordan’s Plan

“Nine thousand dollars?” Bandit said, bolting upright. “What if I could give you more than that to release us?”

The Glass Smashing Bandit and I, Space Wizard, were in a bit of a sticky situation. We had been captured by the Church of the Tinted Flock, led by the famous Zach Jordan. They planned to ransom us for thousands of dollars.

“More than nine thousand dollars?” said Zach. “That’s a lot of money. All right, tell us where the cash is and we’ll release you if it’s there.”

“It’s in the glove box of our car. We were supposed to use it to buy building supplies for Next Top Office. I guess we’re going to fail this challenge, after all.”

Zach Jordan waved his hand at one of his acolytes. They left the warehouse to check Bandit’s claim.

“While we wait, I really should tell you my whole evil plan,” he said. “Don’t you agree?”

Bandit glared at him. “So you do want to destroy the Melbourne office tinting business, then?”

Zach smiled. “In a manner of speaking. You see, when I magically tinted glass, it doesn’t just become darker. It becomes evil glass. What does evil glass do, exactly? Well… uh… I’m not entirely sure, but rest assured that it is evil. And because my method of tinting glass is much more effective than the traditional ways, all the commercial window tinting businesses Melbourne knows and loves will switch to it. Before you know it, all windows will be tinted… evilly.”

“You’re a madman!” Bandit said. “You’ll never get away with this.”

The acolyte returned with a stack of cash, so Zach Jordan turned away from us and took it. 

“Well, it seems you’re true to your word. It’s just a shame that I am not. Detectives, you may take them away. Do whatever you want with them.”

Two men walked toward us, both wearing bowler hats.

“We finally have him, Whatson! The Glass Smashing bandit will face justice at last!”

They took us away, toward our dark fate.