Air Conditioning

The Australian Dream

I know, air conditioning in the bedroom is ‘the dream’. You could almost say it was the Australian Dream. For Americans, it’s owning a home. For Australians, it’s having air conditioning in the bedroom AND the lounge. Like, wow, slow down, Sheila. You wouldn’t want to be accused of tall poppy syndrome by having TOO …

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Get Hydrated!

‘Lemonade is overrated, it’s time to get hydrated!’ As a slogan, it works. I’m still kind of annoyed that the name is ‘Citrus Free September’ and not something more clever. Okay, this isn’t as easy as I thought, and besides, I’m just designing the poster for a Youth Club. Personally, I’m taking a break from …

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That Cold Mountain

I’m usually not a massive fan of industries, especially ones that are successful and make a lot of money. The best tea shop is one you could go to one day and find has closed down, because you and your friends were the only customers. That way, you know it’s not beholden to the man, …

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