Get Hydrated!

‘Lemonade is overrated, it’s time to get hydrated!’

As a slogan, it works. I’m still kind of annoyed that the name is ‘Citrus Free September’ and not something more clever.

Okay, this isn’t as easy as I thought, and besides, I’m just designing the poster for a Youth Club. Personally, I’m taking a break from air conditioning, because I had the thing running all through Christmas and then made the mistake of looking at my electricity bill. Air conditioning services in Canberra might be quite efficient, but that doesn’t mean they’re free. Now, that would be the perfect system, with air conditioning being classed as a human service so you don’t have to pay anything for it. Like, the government would just give you air con, as a matter of principle. If it was going to happen anywhere, it’d be here in Canberra.

I’m just spending a lot of time out of the house right now, because it’s far too hot inside.  It just so happened to Coincide with the youth club’s latest charity event, and now I’m staying late and designing posters because that’s just how I roll. It lets me do things like enjoy their climate control so I don’t have to go home and use my own. So it’s just me, not using all that much energy, honest.

Maybe I need to start designing posters for my new campaign to make air conditioning a human service and free to all. I’m clearly very good at slogans, so I bet I could come up with something for people to rally around in this time of heat waves. If I got the highest rated air conditioning repairs Canberra companies use, then even better. Those people have power.

“Don’t delay, air con today!”

“Air con for all, so stand up and…call?”

“Free cooling now, that would be…wow.”

Alright, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give me some time and I’ll be leading the revolution in no time.