The Perfect Bag

It’s not every day you get invited to a movie premiere. It’s every OTHER day for me, but I’m working my way up as a fabulous socialite and you have to start somewhere. Once I get invited to them every single night…that’s when I’ll know I’ve made it. I’ll still reject 90% of invitations because I’m getting invited to too many things, but it’s the thought that counts.

Gosh, no one told me it was going to be this exhausting, though. I’m quite the fashionista and choosing clothes is still a passion, but now I’m having to photograph every single outfit and compare them to previous pics to make sure I’m not wearing the same outfit twice, and I’m told that a leather slouch bag is totally IN at the moment. As in, everyone at the premiere will be carrying them and if I dare show up without one, Yaival DuMesque will never invite me to another movie premiere ever again. The tabloids will denounce me as ‘The Boring Bag Woman’, and people will print t-shirts and start Tweeter hashtags and I’ll have to go underground for…ooh, two weeks or so? Just until it all blows over. But two weeks in the world of a socialite might as well be an ice age.

Basically, handbags are quite serious business in my line of…business. It’s a subtle touch that you don’t really understand until you’re in my custom designer shoes. So now, I have to dedicate a four-hour slot to pick out the perfect handbag, and then another four-hour slot to make sure it goes with my outfit, and maybe a six-hour slot to try different handbags and see if I like the effect. I’d trust this to my assistant, but one time she picked out a red leather bag (totally gorgeous) with an earthy-brown dress (also gorgeous), and didn’t even THINK of how the colours clashed. An easy mistake to make for an amateur, but it’s why I need to now take care of all handbag matters personally. This is my third premiere this week, and I can’t let people know that I’m utterly exhausted by getting sloppy with my bag choices.