That Cold Mountain

I’m usually not a massive fan of industries, especially ones that are successful and make a lot of money. The best tea shop is one you could go to one day and find has closed down, because you and your friends were the only customers. That way, you know it’s not beholden to the man, man. But in this week’s guru session, we were all asked if we could bring as many pieces of cooling apparatus as possible.

All I have is a fan, which I use to blow my hair back so it looks dramatic for my album covers. I lugged it into our meditation hall to find…well, what looked like a showroom for a prestigious, well-rated company for air conditioning. Melbourne is especially humid this warm season and it’s starting to take a toll on it’s citizens. Except all the units were all over the floor and there weren’t any prices, which is fine by me, because if you have to ask, then you’re supporting capitalism. But our guru bid us to sit, turned on all the fans and air con units, and then asked us all to close our eyes and imagine the snowy peak of a mountain range. And you know, it was easy, what with all the air conditioning focused on our meditation circle. I understood then why we were supposed to bring our coats and hats, because the space grew cold very quickly.

Obviously, the top of a mountain is the best place for meditation, because chakras and vibes float upwards and a mountain is as close as we can get to all the chakras and vibes that get caught by the ozone layer.

And then, the power blew out. Guru said that was part of the session: learning to accept our deepest meditations being interrupted, which is…just, wow. Wow. I’ve misjudged Melbourne, air conditioning repair experts are the best in the country. Such a powerful industry, but they can do so much good…like helping us to meditate on a mountaintop, from inside a stuffy hall.