The Australian Dream

I know, air conditioning in the bedroom is ‘the dream’. You could almost say it was the Australian Dream. For Americans, it’s owning a home. For Australians, it’s having air conditioning in the bedroom AND the lounge. Like, wow, slow down, Sheila. You wouldn’t want to be accused of tall poppy syndrome by having TOO MUCH air con.

I’m considering it, since unlike the kids, my bedroom gets really hot at night; west-facing windows. Some of the Bayside cooling companies are seeming quite tempting right now, but until I expand the business AND banish the annoying neighbours currently surrounding the house, I don’t think it’s really an option. Air con is a luxury…for me, at least. For me, right now. And besides, I can spend most of my time in the lounge anyway, since that’s my ‘work-room’, it’s where things are coolest, the internet is best, all that. Plus if I splash out on air conditioning for the bedroom as well, I’ll feel silly when the heat suddenly drops off a cliff in April, and the air con unit I HAVE break down and I need repairs, and Ken from over the road needs sixty bucks to cover the wheelbarrow I borrowed from him before Jerry from round the lane stole it from my backyard.  Yeah, that’d be such a pain in the butt. Life in this neighbourhood is hard, I tell you. 

But then…summer WILL come round again. The air conditioning service companies Beaumaris residents love so much will still be there, taunting me unwittingly with their existence, and honestly, bad quality sleep for several months of the year just doesn’t appeal to me on a forever basis. Maybe I should bite the bullet and just get it done. What else are savings for, right? Ken and Jerry can go jump in a river.