Trees So Tall, they Transcend the Earth

Now that we know that we’ll have trees on the moon- eventually, anyway- we need to look into such things as gardening and house maintenance. After all, you can’t simply set up a new society, and expect it to be the greatest the world has ever known, if you don’t plan for the little things. Like gardening, and the establishment of some sort of Tidy Homes and Gardens Award. But it’s the MOON version. I’ll have you all know that I was the winner of such an award three years running in my street, before that strange person with all the eccentric displays stole the crown from me and continues to do so to this day, so I need a new venue. I’d love to see his face when all his silly displays are outdone by moon gardens.

In any case, we’ll need a dedicated arborist. Melbourne standards of arborists are high indeed, especially since we receive more rain than most places in Australia and our flora is just lovely. I’m hoping to replicate many aspects of my Earth garden in my future Lunar garden, although it will all be better, obviously. Trees that stretch to the sky, flowers in colours entirely new to the human eye…and I’ll be the one looking after it all. Because I’ll be the arborist, of course. I have no idea how to chop down trees at the moment, of course, which is why I rely on professionals at the current time. I’m tossing up whether I even want to, you see…because moon trees are going to be so different in composition. I can’t just look at a tree removal professional based in Melbourne and copy their style, because I want to develop my own, possibly while on the job. That way, I’ll be the first and only one with the skill, to one day pass on my wisdom and legacy to generations of Lunar Kingdom arborists. Yes, that sounds wonderful!

-Kyle O.