Anyone Want to Go and Learn to Needle…?

Man, I sure wish I had a bunch of orbs that granted wishes, just like in ‘Lizard Orb Y’. They used those things all the time, usually to save the world and all that, but people still did wish for selfish things and it seemed to be fine. What a great adventure that had been. Once you find all those magic lizard orbs, all your dreams come true.

Like, my dream to get rid of this one crick in my back that’s making it seriously impossible to sleep. The body is supposed to heal itself, but this one just doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve heard tell that dry needling might give me some relief, but that requires finding a doctor I trust who has also been go on a dry needling course. I really don’t feel too confident with letting a stranger stick me with needles. I know it’s all part of the science, and it could really help me out…I get all that. Still, if only one could dry needle themselves, because I’d do anything at this point. I’d go on a pilgrimage across Australia visiting dry needling courses in every major city, if I could just get rid of these twinges and sleep a little bit better.

I guess I just need to bite the bullet and find someone I think I can trust. I’ve always had this weird mental block when it comes to medical procedures, probably because Mum was a doctor and she did most of it herself. I just don’t like getting that stuff from people I don’t know. It makes me supremely uncomfortable just thinking about it. Not even something as simple as a massage.

But short of pushing flyers for dry needling courses here in Sydney through my friends’ doors and hoping for the best, I should really just bite the bullet. Metaphorically, of course. I don’t need toothache on top of all this.