Grandparents Get Their Play On

Josephine, the little kid next door, has just been showing me photos of her latest weekend with her grandparents, courtesy of grandma’s phone (grandma was inside, presumably have a well-deserved sit down). A lot of the photos showed Josephine looking stoked amidst a colourful array of large-scale play equipment.

“Where’s that?” I asked her. “It’s at the magic cat’s house,” she replied. Well, there you go. Very informative. Wherever it is, it looks like a fair bit of fun. I’d just started to wonder if grown-ups could get in on the giant slide action, when Josephine swiped to a photo of grandpa neck-deep in a ball pit, then to grandma waving from inside a colourful plastic tunnel. Question answered.

I mean, presumably you’d need to be accompanying a child in order to validly rock up to one of these places… anyone need a babysitter? I’m serious, by the way – I am actually trained in childcare, even though I don’t work in that field anymore, and I know all the tricks for entertaining a kid.

Well, maybe not all of them. I wish I’d known then about these kinds of indoor activities for kids. Carrum Downs has always had a decent selection of outdoor play equipment, but there were times when they didn’t cut it come winter (or high summer, for that matter). Indoor play centres are a fantastic back-up concept, or just something different.

Josephine told me it was nearly her birthday, to which her mum stuck her head over the fence to throw in that we’re still a month of the big event. Mum and I then got to talking about her kids party venue ideas. Carrum Downs isn’t exactly overflowing with fairytale scenery – her words – so she was thinking of opting for somewhere like said indoor play centre.

Seems like a decent solution to me. It’s still going to be cold in a month – probably raining, too – and if Josephine’s playmates are anything like her, I wouldn’t want them cooped up in my living room – even if grandma and grandpa are on hand to get amongst it.