Get Thee Behind Me, Microtrasactions

As much as I love watching Jap-anime, I do manage to find time for Japanese RPGs every now and then. They’re still from Japan, they use many of the same styles, and I do love how they so often let you pick your own dialogue options. Many times I’ve been yelling at the screen of one of my favourite Jap-anime, willing the main character to say something…well, games let me pick that option and feel like I’m in control.

It’s quite a time commitment though. I just finished Smokey Smokey Liturgy Club, and spoiler alert, all of them got sick in the end. But fortunately, Pretty Magical Aluminium Knight Riko has just brought out a new mobile game that tells a different story. I can play it when I’m on the train, travelling to work. Perfect! I haven’t bought the full version yet, so I still get ads every now and then for aluminium toolboxes and ute toolbox central locking. I guess there must be a sponsor, which just shows the incredible saturation and progression in our society. Even aluminium companies want to be associated with PMAKR. Totally makes sense to me…it’s all about aluminium, and a pretty young girl who uses both aluminium tools and her indomitable good spirits to fight evil invaders.

In the game, you have to do missions and earn currency to buy new aluminium accessories and build up your kingdom, eventually gaining enough power and influence to launch invasions of your own with the Aluminium Knight Brigade. They’ve really captured the spirit and feel of the original with the animations, although the micro transactions are grinding on my nerves. No, I don’t want to purchase under tray drawers for the kingdom. I only JUST spent five real-world-dollars to upgrade my knights and their toolboxes with toolbox central locking, to keep their inventory safe. I don’t intend to get addicted to success…