Vintage Cars, Yeah…Great

No, that’s fine. That’s FINE, everyone. I’ll just sort it all out.

I was the one who sent out the invitations to these important people coming to the Expo and I’m ALSO the one organising their accommodation, so it makes sense that I’d be the one who has to sort out their cars. No, it’s fine, says Shaylene. She has a bunch of vintage cars to make their arrival at the Golfing Expo special, but what do you know…they’ve all been sitting in her garage for decades and they’re not roadworthy.

Yeah, because I got time. I got loads of time in between raisin’ three kids, keeping a home, helping out in the community and doing everyone’s jobs. Loads of time, time coming out of my ears. I can take a bunch of cars to a mechanic in Ringwood that does a roadworthy certificate and car inspections, no problem, Shaylene! She never actually said why she couldn’t do it, actually. Just mumbled something about me living closer, and she got family issues, and I’m the one who knows stuff about cars so she ‘trusts’ me with the job. Yeah, never heard that one before. Never been manipulated by THAT one before.

Alright, so it’s my job now. Gotta take a bunch of vintage cars to a local garage so they can pass a roadworthy, and probably get new tires, and new engines, because they been sitting in a dusty shed for ages and they’re not even worthy of being on the road any more. That’s good fun. Oh, and I better get reimbursed for all of this, and PRONTO. It’s 2018, Shaylene. No excuses for taking over a month to reimburse me for doing’ your dirty work. At the very least, Baleen is looking for some really great garages that do things like RACV inspections, near Ringwood and those sorts of places. Nice to not have to do anything. Gotta add her to my list of potential allies…