Tinting for Make Up for Stupidity

The other people in this lab do NOT understand the ways of secrecy. I’ve told them time and time again, secrecy is the cornerstone of our work. If this stuff ever got out, then the world would be changed forever, not to mention that most of what we do here is super, SUPER secret. I can’t even tell you how special some of this stuff is, for real.

Anyway, some of these twats just don’t know how to keep a secret, although the big bosses did give us a prototype device that erases memories, so at least while I’m looking for a really good local company that does commercial glass tinting. Melbourne residents can rest easy knowing that I can just delete the memories a person’s head if they become a problem.

It won’t be a huge window tinting job. We just have one long, thin window on one side of the lab to let in the sunlight, and while directly outside is fenced off and heavily guarded, you just never know. It’s made me nervous ever since I started working here. I mean, what if one of the guards they’ve posted around the compound grows a conscience, peeks in the window and sees the horrible, terrible, awful things we are creating in here? No, it’s best to just get some really good quality window tinting and set everyone’s minds at ease. Secrecy before sunlight; that’s the evil scientist motto. And tinted windows still let in light…just not as much.

Honestly, there are plenty of folks here who never actually go outside anyway, so it’s be a little hypocritical for people to start complaining.

We’re getting some wonderful office glass tinting, to hide our dark experiments, and you’re all going to be thankful. And after that, you’re all going to leave your phones in my desk drawer, to stop you from going on Tweeter and posting pictures of your evil science. Seriously, people…