Ovens and Microwaves Are…Different?

The cooking of food in this realm is a source of great confusion for me, and undoubtedly many of my hidden wizard brethren. I was extremely careful when I arrived here, watching the mortals and their ways, but I could never understand what was occurring when they placed the food into those black boxes. Obviously they were heated, but…how? Why are some black boxes small and powered by the electricity, and loud with their beeping, while others spew forth heat like dragon flame when the door is opened?

I suppose in hindsight, getting a job in a gourmet burger restaurant wasn’t the best move. But what WAS the best move was observing the renovations. Apparently there was a company performing kitchen renovations near Melbourne, and we were getting them in to give us a bit of snazzy industrial kitchen design. This meant that the restaurant would be closed for a day.

Now, by this point I was balancing on a knife edge with trying to keep my identity a secret, which was mostly because I was in charge of cooking burgers without any knowledge of how ovens or stove tops worked. Mostly I just cast a subtle spell of illusion to make the meat look cooked (a spell of conflagration to actually cook the meat would have been too showy) and then arranged it on the plate the way I was told. Come to think of it, all the people becoming sick from eating raw meat might be part of the reason that we needed kitchen renovations.

Anyway, I put on my Talisman of N-Gerog’th;aniuel the Unseen and saw the people renovating the kitchen, taking parts out and putting them back in…and I learned nothing, really. Don’t know what I expected, and at one point I forgot that I was invisible and got clonked on the head by a cabinet. So I left, cast a spell of memory erasure on all the staff and I’m currently looking for some mortal work that I can understand. Though those industrial kitchen designs looked very lovely. Don’t know what any of it does, but looks great.