It’s a 2018 Oxygen Party

And once again, my quick-thinking saves the day.

Alright, the truth: my quick-thinking has saved the day…for the first time. Maybe the last, but I’ve heard lightning CAN strike twice in the same place under very specific circumstances, so I’m holding out hope.

The party wasn’t my idea, because I’m horrible at organizing events. But it was a good one; the baby is coming soon, and we might not have the opportunity to have all of our friends over again, not with this much freedom. Up until the day before it was all pretty casual…and then the unthinkable happened: something went wrong with the order. It was supposed to be an oxygen party, like…you know those oxygen bars in the eighties? Super retro and fun, even if no one wanted to actually take any of it. The whole thing would just have a fun eighties vibe. But they gave them to some other party by mistake and we were left with none.

Now, obviously there are companies in Melbourne that sell portable oxygen chambers and services. Bit of a weird replacement, but it we’d promised people an oxygen party and it was the best they were getting.

So…we turned the whole thing into a oxygen therapy party. Bring your asthma and genera; breathing problems, curl up inside one of our portable oxygen chambers, and walk our breathing a little easier. Or just come and have some drinks and finger food, and think we’re weird. We did some quick shifting of the furniture to make way for all the hyperbaric chambers and managed to fit quite a few of them in. Then people came along, they tried them out, and maybe the Melbourne companies selling hyperbaric chambers got a few more customers at the end of the night.

So in the end, we offered an oxygen party, just not the type people were expecting. But this is like…an oxygen party for a new age. It’ll catch on, maybe. Sure, why not?