Office By Night…Nothing By Day

Currently, the office situation is a bit dire. There’s a room in the mansion that I’d quite LIKE to convert into a home office, but currently I’ve been so busy with the gardening, and settling into Melbourne’s way of doing business, that I’ve had no time to really do anything with it. Currently it’s just an old library, with books of an unknown nature. I’m a little bit cautious about what they may contain, although it’s probably quite mundane.

The one thing I have been able to do is a bit of recon on how the finest quality office fitouts are done. I’m rather impressed with the results, truth be told. Open plan seems to be in. Keeping things light and breezy is the goal, spreading everyone out across these wide open spaces they have in this country. True, it means that walking from one end of the office to another takes a longer time than I would like, and perhaps decreases productivity, but productivity is also increased by the feelings of well-being, so that’s certainly a factor.

Back in Romania, I ran the country’s only nocturnal office. People though we were odd, but those are the types you don’t really need in your life anyway. Besides, we did excellent business with international offices, and I made it work for me and my family, who are also up during the night. You just do these things when you have a wife and child. However, this office design has given me plenty of ideas, even though it’s going to take me a while to instigate the nocturnal office system here in Melbourne. Office fitouts might seem unnecessary since no one will be awake to see them besides the workers, but it’s about making the working environment comfortable for your employees. And the transition from day work to permanent night shift might be quite something.