Pesky wood pests in the garage

My boyfriend was in the garage banging away on his latest invention. He was full of ideas and loved getting them out of his head and constructing them. He comes up with the most amazing things, it is always fun having a look at his finished products. I am not allowed to go into the garage until he is finished though. It is his ‘man area’, strictly for the construction of his genius plans. I heard a loud bang and an even louder yell. I was worried, it sounded worse than the usual stuff up so I ran down to see if he was alright. Thankfully he was standing fine, no injuries and still had all his fingers. He was staring at the wall of the garage and when I turned to see what he was looking at there was a piece of metal sticking through the garage wall. He fiddled with the wood around the hole and told me he thought we had termites. I told him not to worry about the hole, it was more important that we deal with the termites. I wanted to arrange for a pest controller to come by right away.

I called the pest inspection company and asked them when they were available next. They said they had free time the following day to come by and do a pest inspection. Mornington has had a very issues lately with wood pests and other bugs.  I booked them in and told my boyfriend what was happening. He felt bad about the hole in the wall but I told him not to worry. It wasn’t as though he’d done it on purpose, everyone has accidents now and then. Considering how long he’d been working in the garage, one tiny hole in the wall really wasn’t that bad!

The next day the team arrived and had a look at the garage. They reassured my boyfriend that the metal wouldn’t have gone through the wall if the termites hadn’t weakened the wood and suggested we get termite treatment as soon as possible. I didn’t want to take any chances so we booked straight away. Quite an interesting start to the weekend.