Yes, It’s a Hearse, Keep Driving

I wasn’t supposed to drive the hearse for all that long. In fact, I was just supposed to bring it in for car servicing in South Yarra after the funeral, after which I was going to bring it back to Uncle Frank and I’d be able to tell the kids someday that I drove a hearse that one time.

Then Uncle Frank goes and dies, his funeral business kinda halts, and now I’m just left with this hearse that I now have to drive because Uncle Frank died by crashing his light aircraft into my car. Now, I drive a hearse full time. So that, also, will be something I tell my kids, provided I’ve saved enough by then to actually upgrade from the hearse.

In the meantime, this is kind of awkward and embarrassing. I tried to park at uni the other day and got out of the car at the exact time when a couple of people from my Future of Technology tutorial were walking by. And of course, it was Alana and Marie, who I’m pretty sure gossip about everything, so now I’m going to be known as the vampire of our university. Doesn’t help that I’m really pale. Add the other day I had to go and get my very first auto servicing with the hearse. I rolled up and had to endure all the strange looks from other people, with ordinary cars. Not to mention, I don’t actually fit into most parking spaces so I’m forced to be really careful about stopping basically anywhere. Also, corners, corners are a huge problem and I’d really like people to respect that as I’m taking turns slowly, instead of beeping at me.

Oh well…it’s quite unique. I can go to any garage for car servicing near South Yarra and they’ll still be able to help me out, so no problems there. And…the boot space. The boot space is absolutely massive. Could probably fit several people in there if I wanted to.