Sudden disability needs








It’s crazy how one life event can change you completely. Without going into too much detail, two years ago I was diagnosed with an illness that would leave me with many physical impairments. I’ve always been a very physically active person. I used to play tennis, go for runs, and play the drums. All these activities were very reliant on different aspects of my muscular and nervous system. I need to be able to grip the racquets and the drumsticks. I need to be able to move my arms with force, and have my feet repetitively impact the ground while my legs would stretch to run.

My illness started making my muscles weak, and my nervous system dysfunctional. I was no longer able to grip with force or step with speed. My body had turned on itself. I became frail. It’s sad to admit, but I could see myself turning into a vegetable. If I couldn’t engage in my usual activities, what was the point of living? In a matter of twelve months I went from the most physically active person I know, to someone who was learning about the recommended specialist disability accommodation options near me. Admitting that I needed support was difficult. It felt like I was accepting defeat. There was no other choice for me as the daily struggle was becoming evident. Things were only getting worse and I was getting weaker.

I’ve been in the accommodation for six months now, and I think I can finally admit that it was probably a wise decision. I am getting the support I need from the best community nursing home in Adelaide. My room is set up in a way that can accommodate my illness and physical impairments, I’m getting to know the community, and there are many activities I can take part in. The longer I’m here, the more I realise that living here is not a sign of defeat. It is a sign of strength. It took strength to realise this is what I needed. I’m not weak, I am a warrior.