Home Builder Revolutionary

“If we are going to bring down the elites,” said the luxury home builder, “we need to think big and act bigger. Tell me, Mavis, did you ever watch those sci-fi movies with the swords made of light, back on the surface?”

Mavis scoffed. “They were clearly fantasy in space, but yes.”

Gideon waved a dismissive hand. “That doesn’t matter. But you know how the space monks come to rely on their army of clones, only for that to be their downfall at the ultimate betrayal of order number sixty-six?”

“Yeah,” Mavis said, “of course. It’s the best part of the entire series.”

“Exactly. It’s a brilliant plan by the emperor, a true mastermind if there ever was one. He’s a huge inspiration for me.”

“The emperor is your inspiration? That’s a massive red flag,” Mavis said. “Not too sure I want to work with you now, even if you are one of the best luxury home architects. That dude was pure evil.”

Gideon laughed slightly. “I understand your concern, Mavis. Really, I do. But I’m one of the good guys. My enemies are the elites who stomp all over us, not a group of heroic monks. There’s nothing sinister going on here. And for what it’s worth, I don’t associate myself with the other luxury home builders from the Mornington Peninsula. No, at heart I am a revolutionary, not a builder.”

Mavis rubbed her chin for a moment, considering Gideon. Was he really what he said he was? How could she possibly trust him? But she supposed that even if she didn’t, the others would and then she’d be roped into this whole thing anyway. At least if she appeared to trust Gideon, he would trust her more – all the while, she could keep a suspicious eye on him, keeping their unit safe.

“All right, Gideon,” Mavis said. “Walk me through this plan of yours. What do you need from us?”

Gideon grinned. “Everything.”