Sitting on Heater

My favourite thing to do, when I’m not getting silly with my friends on a night out, is sitting on top of the heater and reading a good book. I find it so relaxing and it’s my favourite way to take a break from my often chaotic life. I like turning the heater up so high that I’m practically sweating. I pretty much turn my heater and blanket set up into a sauna, and sweat out all my toxins from the weekend before. 

Because Canberra is always cold by my standards (I’m from Western Australia), I like to get quarterly heating services. Canberra is a great place to live as long as there’s a heater on at all times. Even when I go out clubbing I like them to have the heater on. That’s not a particularly popular take, I think because everyone I hang out with in Canberra actually is from Canberra so they’re used to the cold, but God it’s freezing. It’s like if you’re born in Canberra you’ve genetically developed a thicker skin or something. I have thin skin designed to help me float through the perfect beach waves back in W.A.

Anyway, I digress. I genuinely rely on getting a regular ducted heating service. In the Canberra area, it’s just too cold for me to function if my heater isn’t working. By getting regular servicing and repairs, I can guarantee that my heater will work 365 days of the year. This is the only way that I can reassure myself that I’ll always be warm when I need to be… which is pretty much every hour of every day, bar some very unique exceptions.

I really like living in Canberra, and once I finish my studies at the best university in Australia, I’ll most likely stay here. I’ll go back to Perth a couple of times a year to really bask in the heat and swim in proper beaches, though.