Locked out

Now, this is going to sound extremely bizarre but I’m starting to wonder if this is my brother controlling stuff from the afterlife. We had such a close relationship. We were always laughing and pulling pranks on each other. A very huge part of me wonders if he’s playing games on me now. I know exactly what he’d be thinking: ‘I die and you get my car?’ He’d have no issue with the fact the car is mine now. He’d be doing this just to laugh at my frustration whenever the car decides to randomly lock me out. He used to have a saying that ‘nothing good comes easy’. I just know that he would be feeling that the car came to me too easily so I deserve some problem. It’s not like losing him wasn’t enough. That was his personality though. Stubborn, dry, and hilarious. 

I’m on a bit of a fixed income at the moment so I’m trying to find a cheap auto electrical mechanic near Bentleigh to check out this central locking system. Although I live a few suburbs away from Bentleigh, I’m currently working in that area so my plan is to drop my car off on the way to work and then pick it up after work. I doubt they’ll find anything even wrong with it. I can’t help but to feel that this is just my brother playing tricks on me, as always. He’ll see the effort I’ve gone through to get the repair done that he’ll feel bad and decide that I’ve paid enough dues. It’s like he forgets I’m already suffering his loss.

Tomorrow I’ll be dropping the car off at the mechanic. Bentleigh shopping strip also has a few shops I wouldn’t mind having a rummage through to pass the time while my central locking system gets sorted out. I remember when my brother and I would frequent Bentleigh to have coffee and cakes together. It’s going to be weird doing it without him.