Solar Planet

I definitely make an effort to do my part for the environment. Earth Hour is taken very seriously in our household, which is pretty easy since Mum and Dad usually aren’t home and it’s just me in this big, dark house with my lone candle. I make sure to recycle my shopping bags in those big yellow bins when they become worn out, and whenever I go away I switch off all the power outlets in my room. I think I became this way when we had this one teacher back in primary school who was absolutely mad on the environment. On our first day he showed us this massive, terrifying presentation on how mankind is ruining the planet, and how we only have 100 years before we all have to go and find a new planet to live on. I was…about eight at the time? So naturally I went home crying to Mum about how we’d soon be leaving our house for a new, stupid one on Mars.

Things got a bit better after that. We had a whole week on solar panels, and while commercial solar energy usage probably wasn’t part of the curriculum, I still greatly enjoyed myself. The principles have stayed with me, so now I’m environmentally conscious. Certainly more so than your average person. I heard last night that they can now make solar panels that look just like regular roof tiles. I love the idea, but I’ve known for a while that once I set up my business we’ll be using a 100kw system. I’m plastering the roof of the building with solar panels. Melbourne is starting to make the transition to green energy but still has a long way to go.

Free energy, plus I think they’re pretty, in their own way. The fact that you can now get roof-tile looking versions is just a bonus. Speaking of which, I have been making very vague plans to move out. Nothing concrete and my only reason is ‘it feels right’, but I think I could be independent. Maybe I’ll even move to another state, who knows? I do love Melbourne, so perhaps it’s time to give that a go. Though saying that, commercial solar must be a tricky issue, what with all the cloud cover. Regardless, Australia get plenty of sunlight, probably still works well enough.