Sanity Returns

You know, I think glass balustrading might be the first normal idea Sandra has had for this office, ever. There’s a divide between the upper management and down on the lower floor where everyone else works, and you can tell that the building wasn’t well-converted because they still have the old wooden banister there. It looks pretty incongruous, to be honest, and it’s really obvious that the place was converted from the old look without much thought.

But we had a quick meeting this morning- and that’s really odd in and of itself- and Sandra casually mentioned that we had a bit in the budget to finally renovate some old stairs. And then she made sure we both agreed with that use of the budget, plus wanted glass stair balustrading.

I guess we’re living in the mirror dimension, where up is down, muffins take inches off your thighs if you eat too many and Sandra has become a reasonable human being. Also, the WiFi works for once, although I like to think me sending several tickets per day to the IT department finally wore down their defences and they decided to give in, just to shut me up. That’s how you get what you want in life, kids…you just bug people until it gets done. There is an acceptable adult way to do it, though.

Since we’re getting the glaziers in, could we maybe get some glass repair? The kids down there in the skate park just love tossing stone and sticks up to distract people from their work, and the glass lining the window is in dire need of some tender love and care from glass repair professionals. Usually I’d never even consider asking, and one incident wouldn’t be enough to change my mind, but Sandra has been circulating the desks today asking if everyone is happy, and if they need a new chair, or a computer stand…and I’ve seen the order forms. She went right back to her office and got what people asked. I truly hope this lasts.