Prank Driver

In my spare time, I sometimes work for Goober, a ridesharing company that operates all throughout Melbourne. My clients often have an interesting ride, because I like to prank them. Most people take it for the joke it is, but there are a few who leave me negative reviews. Today’s one didn’t go so well.

I was driving a young woman when I pretended to have car issues, even though the vehicle was clearly running fine. I asked her if she could hear the car brakes crunching, and the way the engine was rumbling. Of course, she said it all sounded fine. But I was adamant that the issue existed. I said that we needed to go to a mechanic straight away, before it became dangerous. I could tell that the woman wanted to scream that I was crazy, but she said nothing and let me drive to the closest mechanic.

Now, I’d already gotten in contact with the mechanic, and he was all on board with it. We pulled in and I told the mechanic that I needed a car battery replacement. Underwood was near us, our final destination, but my client didn’t realise that at first. She could have walked from there. Instead, she said, “You didn’t mention the battery! You thought it was the engine and the brakes.” I looked at her like she was the crazy one. It was definitely the battery, I told her. And then I asked the mechanic if he could give me a roadworthy certificate while I was there.

That must have been where she drew the line because immediately she opened the door and got out of the car. I didn’t even get to tell her it was all a prank, because she walked off. Usually I compensate my victims with some money for their time, but when I called her to explain, she didn’t pick up. Well, at least the mechanic and I had a good laugh about the whole thing.