Glazing Musings

Ah, Brisbane… perpetually sunny and warm, regardless of the season. Melbourne could really stand to take a leaf out of your book. I mean, not really – that’d be weird. But you know what I mean. Maybe I can just hide out up here til winter’s over.

I’m staying in my cousin’s delightful cabin in the rain-forest outside of the city, although I’ve ventured in today to pick up some supplies. On the drive, I found myself musing on the fact that everyone seems to be living in glass houses these days – literally. There are so many houses around here that I can see right through, from the walls to the balcony railings.

I do get it. It seems ideal for getting those all-important views at all hours, and I’m sure it lends an expansive sense of openness to a space. I just wonder how all these glass panels manage to stay intact. I mean, presumably they’re some kind of heavy duty, shatter resistant glass. Either that or there are bands of glaziers running around in the dead of night patching things up.

What do we think of installing glass balustrades, Melbourne? Are we too dark and arty to fully embrace the sunny, breezy disposition of the transparent home trend? Or have we already done that? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed, one way or the other.

I’d wager that, down south, there might be more call for residential glass replacement services. Melbourne just seems more like a place where you might end up with a football through your window or something. I’m really not basing this on anything, though… I should probably stop speculating and get back to what I do know, which is the specific kind of shiraz I want to pick up for this evening.

Having said that, I can’t help but wonder how a glass balustrade would look back home on the front balcony. It’d give me an unimpaired view of the highway, for starters…