I Must Go Boating

Recently I was talking to my guru about a dream I had. In it I was on a boat, with Elon Rust, with both of us having a dance competition and wearing giant banana suits. Was this a premonition of great things to come? We had a bit of a hypnotherapy session and he said that the boat was the most important part of the whole dream.

That was pretty weird, because I was sure it was going to be the banana suits (plus I don’t even know how to dance when I’m awake…), but no. My guru said that this was a clear sign that I needed to invest in the marine stainless steel fabrication industry, for that is where my fortune lies. None of my dream predictions have ever come true, but it IS my birth month, so the planets are aligned and I see no reason this one can’t be legitimate.

I’ve always liked the sea. Boats are nice, even though I’ve only ever been on one during our trip to a Great Barrier Reef, and that one had a glass bottom so you could see all the pretty fish and coral. I hear aluminium plate boats are now the big deal, and I can’t recall where I heard it, but it’s actually true so I guess it came to me in a prophetic dream. If you know a good marine fabricator, they can knock one up for you to enjoy boating adventures. It’s my destiny to someday own a boat, and maybe challenge a tech mogul to some sort of competition while sailing it, while the both of us are garbed strangely. Dreams are very imprecise on the exact details, but the overall concepts are supers solid, so says the guru.

So I need to find a boat, probably an aluminium plate boat, and then I need to learn every popular dance out there. I guess maybe host a party for rich, eccentric tech giants? Or is that TOO specific? I could get a normal boat, but this is my fortune we’re talking about. If I don’t do as the dream dictates, then all may be lost.