First Successful Build!

So I went to the hardware store and the people were really helpful! I’m sure they could tell I was a novice, but they definitely didn’t treat me like it. I really appreciated it.  They pointed me in the direction of the tools and materials that I would need for my design, and explained what …

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As I age

As I age I find life is becoming very different for me. I used to be young. Attractive. Active. Lively. Now, being alive it’s a struggle in itself. I feel tired all the time. My joints are aching. My bones bruise easily. I used to have lovely, thick red hair. Now my hair is thinning …

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Not Twinning

My sister, who I share a house with, has her heart set on redoing the bathroom in purple and peacock blue miniature tiles. She keeps using terms like ‘wet room’ and ‘spa experience’, while brandishing the Larper’s Bazaar home interiors section and hopping around in the hallway. I’m not sure how to address this, as …

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