Bailey’s Room Design

Hello to all the loyal members of George who are reading this blog post. This is my second blog where I drink all sorts of carbonated water beverages. Things I’ve done here in the past include post my imagined lyrics to the instrumental song Garden of Flowers from Super Maria Sisters, Marshmallow Island, give regular updates on my progress through Mini Mons: Opal Edition and write whacky stories. In this series, I’m sharing my current home project, where I paint the rooms of my future children based on their future personalities.

Today I’m focusing on Bailey’s room. Bailey will be my second-born child, regardless of gender, and they are definitely going to become a bestselling author. I’ve never heard of an author called Bailey, so my child is going to be the first. Amanda totally agrees with me here. She’s always wanted to have a child that writes books for a living. They will become so rich that they will be able to pay for our retirement.

To start, we had the best interior painter go over the walls with a soft cream colour, like the colour of the pages in a brand new paperback novel. Now Amanda and I have to write quotes all over the walls from literary classics. I’m talking quotes from Charlie Dickens, Steve Queen, George RR Tolkein and countless others. Of course, James Austin is a must.

Since our favourite residential painter based in Melbourne did such a good job with the background, Amanda and I are going to get started. First I’ll be writing a quote from The Pretty Good Gas Bee. “Little boys or girls who grow up in rooms filled with books and quotes should always become bestselling authors.” Yes, that quote is definitely in the book, no matter how made up it sounds. I’m looking forward to the day that my son or daughter sells their first book, making millions of dollars overnight. It will be truly fantastic to be Bailey’s father.

– Daniel Goodman