Dining Table And Chairs

I’ve got the best deal in the world right now. I’ve been hired to build furniture for this woman who is moving into a larger house and she’s purchasing all the materials, is responsible for going to the hardware store and will tell me exactly what she wants built. All I have to do is put things together and I’m telling you right now that it’s so easy to do. I’m charging the same amount of money I usually would when I’m also contributing the materials, which means I’m making the biggest profit I’ve ever made.

All I had to do was give her a list of materials that I need from the hardware shop local to Cheltenham and then my work was to build whatever she asked me to. How easy is that? I should start telling all my clients that I need them to supply the materials and visit the hardware store for me. It saves me so much time as well. More time that I can spend with my friends and family for the same amount of money. This is definitely a business model that I could get used to. 

Anyway, I better start doing some actual work. I’ve been charging this time to the client because I work on an hourly basis and she’d have no idea how long it takes to build a dining table and chairs. I mean, how could she know? She’s not a builder. She’s just the person who purchases the necessary materials and plumbing suppliers. Cheltenham is a great place for her to live because it’s easy for her to buy these things, which makes me feel even less bad.

Okay, I’m going to build the table and chairs within five hours and charge her for ten. That’s business, baby. I can’t wait to go on a holiday with all the extra money I’m saving this year.