Crazy for Foot Care

Looking after one’s feet always seemed like such a straightforward business – clip your toenails semi-regularly, whack a bit of moisturiser on your heels from time to time, and avoid nail polish if you’re not going to remove it once it starts chipping. Nowadays, though, it’s a whole different story. Not only are toenails the …

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Faux Foot Problems

My friend Karina is always seemingly suffering some new and unusual health problem, which invariably ends up dominating the conversation at any given catch-up. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t secretly suspect that she’s a hypochondriac. This week, foot problems are the order of the day. Apparently, her arches are playing up. I shouldn’t be …

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Fungal Nail Child

I know exactly what to say to my twin when we meet: “How’s your life been, unfettered by foot problems?” Of course, my fungal nail infection cleared up pretty much a few months after I was born, but I’d been whisked away to a small community in the country, and soon, everyone knew what was …

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