Car Karma

Oh. My. Gosh. You won’t believe what just happened. Remember Tiff? The girl who won a brand new car on a gameshow when she was only sixteen? I think it’s time for another update on her. But to give a bit of a spoiler, let’s just say, I hope she’s found a Mornington shop that does good car service.

For a whole year after she won that car, she was unbearable. Every day at school, in every class, she was bragging about her fancy new ride, even though she wasn’t able to drive it on her own. It didn’t matter that she was on her L’s. She had a better car than the rest of us combined. We were all so jealous, and that’s exactly how she wanted it.

She dropped out of school at the end of Year 11, and none of us knew why. My best friend, Georgina, just bumped into Tiff’s big sister, and she spilled the whole story. Her life has really taken a turn for the worst.

The reason she dropped out of school was because she took the car for a drive without her L’s up and no adult in the passenger seat. Surprise, surprise, she crashed it. Tiff didn’t get hurt, but she was so devastated. Her parents refused to pay to fix it, so Tiff got a job at local CFK restaurant so that she could do it herself. Apparently she finally earned enough money to pay for it, finding the best car mechanic in Mornington. But because it’s been sitting there for so long, the car has some issues. Apparently Tiff can’t go two weeks without the car needing more repairs.

I bet she isn’t laughing at us now. We’re all going on to university while she’s stuck with a car that hardly even starts and a terrible fast food job. Oh, karma, you really shouldn’t have. I’m going to start going to CFK more often, just so that I can see her.