Why So Many Dogs?

Turns out there are no breeds of dog that you can ride like horses. Fortunately I was told that by a reputable dog breeder rather than trying them out one-by-one, but seriously, NONE? There really aren’t many dogs in my country, and the few that you see around the place are the skinny kind that you see running around race-tracks here. So obviously I knew that THOSE couldn’t be ridden, just like you don’t ride a baby donkey.

So that’s a bust. I’m supposed to be looking after my friend’s dog, and despite it being huge, it doesn’t look like I can use it as a method of commuting. They’ve left me a list of numbers, including the vet clinic open in Brighton that they use, but I’m not seeing anything about…I don’t know, list of services? Loads of people here have dogs, so I assume that must be for a reason. Aside from guiding the blind, I’m guessing they have plenty of other uses. Fetching post, maybe a bit of gardening, stuff that a dog could do. In fact, if it comes to booking a vet appointment, I’m guessing the dog could do that as well. That’s what I do when i’m feeling unwell; I pick up the phone and call…well, my mother, but she’s a nurse.

But I’ve got nothing here. A number for the emergency vet, a number for their parents, and not even a hint of what Maple can do. Does this mean they want me to discover her list of services by myself?

Maybe she’s just a guard dog and they thought it was obvious. Still, seems like quite an undertaking, to get a dog to guard your home and that’s it. I’d at least get her to pick the kids up from school or something.

I don’t know…dogs are everywhere in this country, and some of them just seem too small to be really practical. Maybe I’ll find out. Or maybe Maple will book herself in for an appointment at one of these Bayside vet surgeries, and I’ll overhear something. Maybe she needs a toenail clipping for her postal duties. I don’t know…