The Cross-Dimensional Hairdresser

Sometimes you just come across a certain idea for a show that’s pure gold from the get-go. And trust me, I’ve seen a LOT of great premises that have fallen by the wayside because of bad character writing, terribly choreographed fight scenes and just corner-cutting animation. Also, bad plots.

But ‘Follicle Traversal!’ is different. They’ve managed to create something truly wonderful.

So, the main premise is that there was this girl doing hair salon appointments in the Melbourne CBD, named…Kyle. She was so incredibly skilled that one day, the personification of a Hair Care goddess notices her for her incredible skills and offers Kyle the chance to use her skills in more than just one hair salon. Kyle accepts because she’s a bit of an airhead at the start of the series, and suddenly she gains the ability to travel between dimensions by snipping with her magical trimming scissors. The catch: she has to give hair treatments to all kinds of famous characters. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some of those characters have some VERY strange hairstyles.

I’ve only seen a few episodes, but they’ve had Kyle crossing into all kinds of interesting places to give haircuts. She had to go to the world of Wonder Ball X, and she had all of her work ruined when the main character had to change into his golden robes to fight a great evil, colouring and spiking his hair instantly. And then one for the ages: when Kylie accidentally found herself in the world of Pretty Car Dealer ‘Sailor Hoon’ and-(out of determination to do her job) got involved in a car chase so she could pursue the main character and cut her hair, mostly to stop it from trailing out of the window and potentially latching onto street signs. Oh, the hilarity!

Of course, Kyle still has to maintain her normal job in that one hair salon in the middle of the Melbourne CBD, so there’s an urban slice-of-life element as well. Something for everyone…but they do it so well!