Simulating Lives

I just started visiting this website that discuss games in-depth, and I feel like I’ve found my ‘people’. There are so many sites out there that do game news, some have editorials and features, but Joystick Jabber is where the true game lovers congregate. No junk, just quality discussions.

For example, did you know that Over-Botch was originally supposed to be an farming game hybrid? You choose a career, and you DO that career, but it’s all represented as an sim. I think they abandoned the concept when they realised that portraying the work of conveyancers who were also farmers was pretty odd? Distasteful? Slightly insulting?

It wasn’t too intense, but it’s a far cry from the realistic conveyancing they have in the game today. The two are like night and day, really. Right now it’s all professional conveyancer business, transferring property, helping clients, and I guess most of the things that real conveyancers do. I’m not a real conveyancer, but I am one in the game. This is probably why I find the concept of me running around an office as a super-deformed cartoon version of myself with a little title transfer rocket a little odd. It just wouldn’t have been the same game, and it wouldn’t have been all that useful in terms of training you for a career. Maybe good fun, but not much more than that. I don’t think it would have been nearly as popular as it is today if they hadn’t made these late changes during development. Thankfully someone wasn’t afraid to put their foot down and tell the powers that be they were making a mistake. 

They realised in the planning stage that the gimmick wasn’t enough to carry the whole game, so they reworked the project and turned it into a super-immersive career sim and the rest is history. And now, I’m a super realistic conveyancer, working in Melbourne. Virtual Melbourne. But someday, real Melbourne.